polished black upright headstone with engraving
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Granite Headstones: Why do people love granite headstones?

  One of the primary goals here at Columbia Gardens Memorials, is crafting unique and meaningful memorials that can with stand tests of time. Which is exactly why we recommend granite headstones. Granite for headstones is an excellent option, that we love not only for its beauty but, its durability. Granite has been around for centuries, evidence shows ancient Egyptians…

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row of natural stone headstones with pink tulips
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Custom headstones: A Natural History

Nothing looks quite like natural stone for a burial monument. The glossy surface, the play of color, the intricate patterns… but what’s the story behind these headstones? Granite Granite is a common rock and frequently used for gravestones. It’s an intrusive igneous rock, meaning it is cooled from magma (underground lava) deep below the earth’s surface. Like all rocks, it…

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