black double upright headstone with a statue of Jesus between each stone. Gold cross engraved on each stone with pink flowers at the base
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Family Burial Monument Options

When it comes to burial monuments for family plots, there are a few options to consider. Mausoleums and upright monuments are the two most common choices; however, lawn level, bevel, and even slanted markers have enough room to memorialize two people. When considering options for family monuments, it is best to start by knowing how many people will be memorialized,…

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Photo of an angel statue in the sunlight
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Choosing and designing a burial monument

From the ancient days in Egypt when Pharaohs were entombed in the great pyramids, to the national cemeteries memorializing today’s veterans and historical figures, burial monuments have been and still are an important part of our memorial process. Though you may not be looking to install something as large and extravagant as a pyramid, there are many different options for…

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Family Mausoleum

Five Features of Successful Mausoleum Entombment

You are probably aware of the common challenges of a mausoleum entombment like odors, leaks and flies. Decomposition of bodies is a natural process just like breathing and digestion. It does not disappear since we lay departed to rest within a crypt. If a deceased is left unconfined, by-products of the decomposition process will damage the integrity of the mausoleums.…

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Photo of old mauseoleums

Is a mausoleum right for your family?

Mausoleums are found on every continent, from every chapter of human history. They almost always include an enclosed stone structure for the interment of several people, often an entire immediate or extended family, and they are sometimes elaborately decorated with statues, engravings, and ornate architecture. The most extraordinary examples of mausoleums from around the world include the Egyptian pyramids, the…

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