Headstone Engraving

What is an Epitaph?

Unless you have planned a funeral or purchased a headstone in the past, it is possible you have never even heard the word epitaph. So, what is an epitaph? The true definition is a phrase or statement written in memory of a person who has died, especially as an inscription on a tombstone. The word epitaph originates via Latin from…

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upright light grey granite headstone with 3 roses engraved in each top corner and there is a small granite flat marker at the base of the upright headstone with a small American flag sticking out of the ground
Headstones & Memorials

10 Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Headstone

Purchasing a headstone can be a very confusing process, with so many decisions to make and design options available. Due to the overwhelming grief that often comes with laying a loved one to rest, there are many additional questions, aside from aesthetics, that many often forget to ask. Here are the top 10 questions you should be asking before purchasing…

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square granite headstone, with an engraved K-9 German Shepard with an outline of a police badge
Headstones & Memorials, pet memorial

Pet Memorials

People have had pets for centuries, over the years the role our pets play in our lives has changed from pet, to companion or best friend, and now for some of us our pets are our children. No matter what your pet was to you, when they pass on there is a sense of sadness. No one to welcome you…

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WW2 memorial of 3 attached stone cylinders, sitting on a circular base with a vase of pink flowers.
Cremation Monuments

Cremation Monuments: Rising in Popularity

Cremation is not a new alternative. In fact, modern cremation originated in 1873, over a century ago, in Italy. However, America didn’t adopt cremation until a few years later in 1876. For decades in-ground burials have been the go-to for eternal rest; because, they provided friends and family with a place to mourn and pay their respects and, at the…

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grey granite upright military headstone with United States Airforce Command Pilot crest
Military Headstones

Personalizing a Non-Issued Military headstone

When memorializing a Veteran of the United States Military, family members have a couple of different options. The most affordable option is applying for a Government issued headstone, or grave marker, through The Department of Veteran Affairs. Government issued headstones and grave markers are uniform in style, and personalization options are limited. Alternatively, family members have the option of having…

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black double upright headstone with a statue of Jesus between each stone. Gold cross engraved on each stone with pink flowers at the base
Headstones & Memorials, Mausoleums

Family Burial Monument Options

When it comes to burial monuments for family plots, there are a few options to consider. Mausoleums and upright monuments are the two most common choices; however, lawn level, bevel, and even slanted markers have enough room to memorialize two people. When considering options for family monuments, it is best to start by knowing how many people will be memorialized,…

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upright granite headstone with etched roses on the stone and memorial vases on each side holding pink flowers
Headstones & Memorials

Ideas for Personalizing a Headstone

Personalizing a loved one’s headstone is an important part of memorializing and honoring the life of our loved ones. When personalizing a loved one’s headstone, we should consider the things that set them apart and were important to them, such as their interests, hobbies, career, family and life style. Selecting a headstone style, size, and material is only the first…

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