row of natural stone headstones with pink tulips
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Custom headstones: A Natural History

Nothing looks quite like natural stone for a burial monument. The glossy surface, the play of color, the intricate patterns… but what’s the story behind these headstones? Granite Granite is a common rock and frequently used for gravestones. It’s an intrusive igneous rock, meaning it is cooled from magma (underground lava) deep below the earth’s surface. Like all rocks, it…

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When is it Time to Add the Burial Monument? 4 Reasons to Wait

The final step of laying your loved one to rest is by placing a burial monument on their resting place. A monument offers closure to the relatives and friends, in knowing that they will have a physical place to remember their loved one. During such moments, determining the right time to add a burial monument can be challenging. However, here…

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installed headstone in cemetary
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What You Need to Know About Headstone Installation

Installing a headstone is among the best ways of honoring a deceased loved one. Although installing it is an important aspect of honoring a departed relative, there are many important things one needs to understand about headstone installation. Here is what you need to know about the installation process of headstones. Understand the cemetery regulations first Each cemetery has a…

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Photo of burial monuments in Columbia Gardens Cemetery
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Gravesite and Monument Maintenance

When you first put a loved one to rest you can often be too lost in the grief of moment to consider the maintenance needs of their gravesite and burial monument in the years to come. While the most common types of memorial markers are built to last for the span of many lifetimes, this does not necessarily mean that…

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Choosing and designing a burial monument

From the ancient days in Egypt when Pharaohs were entombed in the great pyramids, to the national cemeteries memorializing today’s veterans and historical figures, burial monuments have been and still are an important part of our memorial process. Though you may not be looking to install something as large and extravagant as a pyramid, there are many different options for…

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