square granite headstone, with an engraved K-9 German Shepard with an outline of a police badge
Headstones & Memorials, pet memorial

Pet Memorials

People have had pets for centuries, over the years the role our pets play in our lives has changed from pet, to companion or best friend, and now for some of us our pets are our children. No matter what your pet was to you, when they pass on there is a sense of sadness. No one to welcome you…

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white boat parked at dock of uss arizona in pacific ocean
Historical Monuments

Pearl Harbor Memorials in Hawaii

Today is National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day and Americans everywhere are reminded of the sacrifices and lives lost during WW2 and the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Every year millions of people from around the world travel to Oahu, Hawaii to visit the Pearl Harbor Memorials and pay tribute to the 2,403 people that lost their lives on December 7,…

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