black double upright headstone with a statue of Jesus between each stone. Gold cross engraved on each stone with pink flowers at the base
Headstones & Memorials, Mausoleums

Family Burial Monument Options

When it comes to burial monuments for family plots, there are a few options to consider. Mausoleums and upright monuments are the two most common choices; however, lawn level, bevel, and even slanted markers have enough room to memorialize two people. When considering options for family monuments, it is best to start by knowing how many people will be memorialized,…

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upright granite headstone with etched roses on the stone and memorial vases on each side holding pink flowers
Headstones & Memorials

Ideas for Personalizing a Headstone

Personalizing a loved one’s headstone is an important part of memorializing and honoring the life of our loved ones. When personalizing a loved one’s headstone, we should consider the things that set them apart and were important to them, such as their interests, hobbies, career, family and life style. Selecting a headstone style, size, and material is only the first…

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many stones laying below a granite headstone featuring Star of David with inscription featured in text
Historical Monuments

Holocaust Memorial in Bonaventure Cemetery

Located amidst the many monuments and memorials of the Bonaventure Cemetery stands a single headstone memorial covered with stones. This memorial marks the resting place of the ashes of 344 victims of the Holocaust. It has been more than 70 years since World War II and the Holocaust came to an end and this memorial remains, keeping the memories of…

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