Memorial vase at base of headstone
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Your Guide to Memorial Vase Options

Graves that don’t have vases often make cemetery visitors who bring fresh or artificial flowers uncomfortable and frustrated during their visit. Without a vase, they usually have to place fresh flowers on the grave and the flowers then wilt rapidly without access to water. Even if a visitor brings a portable vase, high winds can tip it over and cause…

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Photo of an angel statue in the sunlight
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Choosing and designing a burial monument

From the ancient days in Egypt when Pharaohs were entombed in the great pyramids, to the national cemeteries memorializing today’s veterans and historical figures, burial monuments have been and still are an important part of our memorial process. Though you may not be looking to install something as large and extravagant as a pyramid, there are many different options for…

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Carved angel from granite headstone
Headstones & Memorials

Why are so many headstones made from granite?

If you’ve ever gone into a cemetery, you may have noticed that most of the headstones, particularly the modern ones, are made from solid granite. There are many reasons that modern families decide to memorialize their loved ones with granite headstones. In fact, more than half of all the natural stone products sold in the US are granite ones. The…

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Many placing flowers by a memorial headstone in the cemetery
Headstones & Memorials

Why Headstones are Important

When a loved one dies, it may seem as if simple things like a selecting a headstone aren’t important. However, having the right headstone accomplishes many things and can play a role in the grieving process. Below we will explain how the process of selecting a headstone or burial monument for a loved one, can play a positive role in…

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Family Mausoleum

Five Features of Successful Mausoleum Entombment

You are probably aware of the common challenges of a mausoleum entombment like odors, leaks and flies. Decomposition of bodies is a natural process just like breathing and digestion. It does not disappear since we lay departed to rest within a crypt. If a deceased is left unconfined, by-products of the decomposition process will damage the integrity of the mausoleums.…

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