Angel Statue in Evergreens Cemetery, New York City

Adding a Name to a Headstone

Adding additional names, dates, and insignias to gravestones is not an uncommon practice. For example, one may need to add the name and dates of a recently deceased loved one to a double headstone or family mausoleum (sometimes referred to as a crypt or tomb). There are also occasions where the gravestone was initially engraved without the persons actual name.…

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Engraving a Headstone

Tips for Choosing a Headstone Inscription

Selecting a headstone inscription or epitaph can be a very challenging process. It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed when faced with the task of summing up the life of a loved one to only a few short words or sentences. Your words are, after all, intended to stand the test of time and honor the life of someone that…

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Granite Headstone

Selecting a Headstone for a Loved One

A headstone is customarily designed as a memorial and lasting tribute to that of a life lived. It is used not only as a marker to signify a final resting place but, is also intended to provide the living with a safe space to visit, reminisce, and cherish the memories of their loved ones. Choosing a headstone for someone you…

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